Becoming FDR

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The Personal Crisis that Made a President

At age 39, Franklin Roosevelt saw his life upended by a sudden, devastating infection from the polio virus. The catastrophic illness looked like the end of his political career. Instead, it made him into the man who could lead his country through its own darkest hours.

An intimate chronicle of FDR’s years of illness, recovery and return to the heights of power, BECOMING FDR is a fresh look at the iconic president, his family, and his rivals. It uncovers the clear and striking connection between his private struggles and his later public triumphs.

Praise for Becoming FDR

— Reveals how personal hardship helped Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt become transformational, compassionate leaders

– Explores the essential principles for sustaining hope that FDR learned in recovery and would later use as the backbone of the New Deal

– A story of resilience and reinvention that offers timely lessons for political leaders charged with restoring confidence after years of disruption and for anyone seeking a path back to normal after hardship and loss.

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